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I compose music and create sound design for video games & films.

I began integrating myself into the music scene when I composed a jingle for Virgin Radio in Dubai. Working with Jonathan Elias in Los Angeles, and getting on-site experience with Alan Meyer (Hans Zimmers sound engineer), all inspired my many musical styles into what they are today. Having lived, studied and performed throughout Germany, Switzerland, Dubai and London, I would attribute the myriad of musical cultures and creative industries to being my main source of inspiration. 

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Starting Sonic Branding packages at just 1500€!
Inquire for more information.

Sonic Branding is the signature sound of your brand - a musical glimpse of your brands DNA. The sounds you use can range from jingles with lyrics, to simple sequences of notes or sound effects. 

It's our job to make sure that by breaking the silence we create more meaning, rather than just noise.


Films / Games / Ads

Sound and Music are crucial to almost all forms of media because they engage audiences, help deliver information, evoke emotional responses, emphasise what's on screen, and indicate the mood. 

Films, games and ads are 50 percent visual and 50 percent sound.  We make sure to make this crucial percentage count, be that through an emotive orchestral score, an atmospheric electronica piece, or through the sound design for a scene.

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'The Future of Audio Entertainment'

Not sure about the importance that audio might bring to your business? This 3-minute podcast explains the impact and importance of audio in today's age. You can also download the script to this below.

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For more information on the impact and importance of audio in today's age, feel free to download this free short article all about 'The Future of Audio Entertainment'

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A paper I wrote analysing religious and horror film music tropes and how they were intertwined in the score for The Omen (1976).

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Sheila Bugal - FMOD Demo Reel
Wwise Demo Reel
Demo Reel 2020 Aug
forget everything that seems real
"Under the Skin" - Sensual Pop Music
Nando’s UAE | How hot do you want it?
"Sinister" Scary Movie Soundtrack
"The Shadow" - Soundtrack for Full Orchestra
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Sound and Music 

It was a great joy working with Sheila at Inition. Her friendly and delightful attitude had a positive effect on our team. She is a very talented composer, and during our cooperation, she composed a piece for our immersion experience for Leeds University. Thanks to her creative work, our 360° movie has gained a better rhythm and a more emotional outline. There is no doubt that Sheila is the type of person you can count on to keep a cool head in a stressful situation, and her positive attitude is contagious. - Ola Kruk

Having worked with Sheila over many projects (advertising, creative and music-related) and many years, I can tell you that Sheila is someone who is extremely receptive and insightful when approaching a brief. The energy she brings to work and her dedication to seeing a project through the end will always serve her in good stead. - Tarun Shyam

Sheila is talented, enthusiastic, positive and completes a multitude of tasks so fast I could barely keep up to give her more work...and all of it was to an incredibly high standard! Sheila is a budding composer, sound designer, copywriter, marketeer, social media guru and many other things. Aside from this multitude of abilities she never gets flustered even under super tight timelines, she charmed every single client we put her in front of and never once have I heard her complain, grumble...even frown! She genuinely made every day at the office considerably better with her un-dimmable, effervescent personality, creativity and array of talents. I honestly can't recommend her highly enough and I know without question that she will go on to great things. - Jamie Davies

Sheila spent the last 3 months working with us showcasing some of the amazing tech activations and experiences produced by the talented team at Inition. She got why understanding, playing with and promoting new technologies was both important and creative. She is also a talented composer and worked with us on a short 360 promotional film for Leeds University. She both composed and created, every element of the score, lifting our quietly emotive film to higher levels of production value and engagement. Roll on the next project we can work together on! Thank you Sheila. - Peter Collis


First time I saw Sheila Dj-ing was at a NYE party. Her tracklist was great and I had a wonderful night dancing away. She made sure everyone was having a good time with her welcoming and friendly personality. You will overall have a great time attending an event involving DJ Sheila. - Elanor Parker

Sheila was great! She really got the party to another level!! - Andy Grugan

I hired Sheila to DJ at a private yacht party here in Dubai for 6 hours, and she was absolutely fantastic. The music was top notch with epic breaks and massive drops, she was really into it and seemed passionate about her craft, and she was all smiles and interacted with my guests well. Definitely would love to throw another party, only whenever she's back in town though!  - Aram Alexander

I must say I was skeptical when first hiring her for a gig, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. Sheila is extremely down to earth, super friendly and can throw one hell of a party. - Richard Taylor

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